PS2 Onimusha: Blade Warriors Cheats

Unlockable: Gargant:
Start Onimusha Blade Warriors with a memory card that has a save file from Onimusha 3.

Unlockable: Secret Characters:
Giramusaido: Reach Level 3 with Musaido.
Gogandantess: Complete Story mode with Kaede, Normal Soldier, Maeda Keijirou, and Samanosuke Akechi.
Jaido: Reach Level 2 with Normal Genma or Sword Foot Light.
Jujudormah Ran: Complete Story mode with Jujudormah and reach Level 3.
Magoichi Saiga: Complete 200 battles in Versus mode.
Marcellus Modify P: Reach Level 2 with Marcellus.
Marcellus Modify S: Reach Level 3 with Marcellus.
Megaman EXE: Complete Story mode with Samanosuke Akechi.
Megaman EXE Bug: Reach Level 3 with Megaman EXE.
Megaman EXE Grand: Reach Level 2 with Megaman EXE.
Megaman Zero: Collect all three Zero-parts with Megaman EXE.
Megaman Zero Proto: Reach Level 2 with Megaman Zero.
Megaman Zero Ultimate: Reach Level 3 with Megaman Zero.
Miyamoto Musashi: Complete Story mode with Normal Soldier and reach Level 3.
Musaido: Reach Level 2 with Three Eye.
Oda Nobunaga: Copmlete Story mode will the twelve default characters.
Sasaki Kojirou: Complete Story mode with Miyamoto Musashi.
Zero: Collect all three Zero-parts and defeat Zero in Versus mode.

Unlockable: Zero Parts:
Blue Z-part: Complete Phantom Realm 2 with Megaman EXE.
Green Z-part: Complete Phantom Realm with Megaman EXE.
Red Z-part: Complete Story mode with Megaman EXE.

Hint: More Victory Souls:
When you are playing in the Phantom Realm, let the souls be sucked up by the Gyaran (the floating ball of skulls). After you let this happen to a couple victory souls, destroy the Gyaran and all the souls that were sucked up by the Gyran will now be doubled.