PS2 The Punisher Cheats

Enter the profile V Pirate to unlock everything in the game.
Cheats are under extras:
Crazy deaths
No reload
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited slaughter mode
One Shot, One Kill
Gun Splitters
Cray Deaths

To unlock a cheat you must get a gold medal on the indicated level:.
* Crazy Deaths: Lucky's Bar Level
* Gun Splitters: Crack House Level
* One Shot Kills: Ryker's Island Level
* Unlimited Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
* Invincibility: Every level
* No Reloads: Stark Towers
Infinite Slaughter Mode:
Get a gold medal on the Taikagi Level (2nd last level) and receive infinite slaughter mode.

5.56mm Assault Rifle - Beat Central Zoo level
7.62mm Assault Rifle - Beat Pier 74 level
Auto Shotgun - Beat Takagi Building level
Battle Rifle - Beat Stark Towers level
Hand Cannon - Beat Gnucci level
Machine Gun - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Machine Pistol .45 cal - Beat Chop Shop Level
Machine Pistol 5.56mm - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Revolver - Beat Lucky's Bar level
.50 cal Semi-automatic Pistol - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Sniper Rifle - Beat Grand Nixon Island level
.40 cal Submachine Gun - Beat Gnucci Estate level
5.7mm Submachine Gun - Beat Fisk Industries level
Grenade Launcher - Beat Pier 74 level
Flame Thrower - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Anti-tank Weapon - Beat Pier 74 Revisited level